Monday, April 15, 1974

Fish Story

Today, I am an avid fisherwoman.  This is how my fishing hobby first got started.

Circa 1974.  I would have been 6 years old, and my sister Suzanne a year and a half younger. So here's the story on this one. We were in Halifax I believe, and mom and dad had bought us each a couple of fishing rods. On the way back home to Enfield, I was bugging them to stop so I could try out my new rod. Mom didn't want to stop, and dad said "oh let's just let them try for a few minutes, they won't catch anything anyway." So we stopped at the highway bridge at Fall River, by Inn on the Lake. Dad geared up our rods with bobbers and I can't remember if he put worms on it or just a spinner. Anyway, he had me geared up first and got my hook in the water. Then he started to get Suzanne ready. Soon, I had a fish on. I kept telling him but he wouldn't believe me, saying I probably just caught the bottom. Well he was wrong, I had a fish on! A good one too! But as you can see in this pic, someone isn't too happy about it. lol

Since Suzanne had a sookie face on, dad took her out fishing again and finally, she got one, and had a big smile too as she showed it off to the camera!