Friday, July 15, 1983

Burnt Feet

Well this is something I care to forget, rather than remember, but since I found the picture I thought I'd post it and tell the story. I believe this is the summer of 1983, I would be 15 years old.

I was at my best friend Joanne's cottage in Petite Riviere, and her dad dropped us off at Green Bay Beach for the day. As we walked down the beach in our bare feet, I walked on top of hot coals someone buried in the sand from a campfire. I was in intense pain, and immediately ran right into the water to cool off my feet. Every time I tried to come out of the water, my feet felt like they were on fire. I had to stay in the water! Joanne ran up to the canteen and called her dad to come and get us. He got a bucket of water, and stopped to buy ice and kept putting ice in the bucket. Now my feet were nearly frostbitten. lol Anyway he drove me back to Halifax and mom called the doctor, who told her to put BUTTER on my burn!!! I was screaming. Mom took me to the ER, and they cleaned up my feet in some special solution and demanded to know the name of the doctor who told her to put butter on my feet. We had that doctor for years and mom didn't want her to get in trouble so she wouldn't give up the name. I think I had second-degree burns on my feet. They blistered terribly and peeled. The pain was the worst pain I've ever felt.

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