Thursday, July 3, 2003

Police Chase and Car Crash

I was awakened at 6am this morning by the sound of a big "whoosh" and then a huge bang. It nearly blew me out of bed the bang was so loud. At first I thought something blew up at NS Power. Then I heard my husband's voice out on the balcony, hollering to policemen down in the parking lot to the building next door. He was directing the police to where a male teenager was running from the parking lot to the tracks down over the hill. Two policemen went running after him and another, in a car, flipped on lights and siren and went roaring out of the parking lot (probably to the next street down to cut him off.)

Then I saw the cause of the huge bang - a green Chevy Beretta was smashed into a rock at the edge of the parking lot. The roof was crumpled and the left front wheel was pushed back almost to the driver's door. The air bag had deployed, and the windshield was smashed.

Simon said after he heard the bang, he went out to the balcony to look and see what happened. He saw the car and smoke coming out from its engine, but no driver. Then a security guard ran up to the car and turned the engine off. Si then saw the security guard talking on his cell phone, so he must have called the police. The driver was nowhere to be seen. Just before the police arrived, Si saw the teenager run from the bushes back to the smashed car to retrieve something. Then he ran off towards the tracks, and that's exactly when the police arrived and Simon yelled down to them to direct them as to which way he went.

I heard two policemen talking, and I heard one of them say "up to 104 miles per hour" so I think what happened was they were chasing this guy, and he ducked down a side street, not realizing it was a deadend, to lose the police. When he came to the dead end, either he couldn't stop in time or he just crashed the car intentionally and bailed. He probably had drugs in the car - that's what he probably went back to retrieve when he figured he successfully lost the police (for a few minutes). Below are some pics of the scene, but there were bushy trees in between so you can't see too many details.

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