Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mountain Biking Thomas Cove, Economy, Nova Scotia

On April 15, 2012, Jeff and I went mountain biking at the Thomas Cove Coastal Reserve.  This trail can be found close to the end of Economy Point Road, on a road going to the right.  There is a sign at this road so you can't miss it.

We only explored the Headlands Trail, and only the coastal section of it.  We will go back this year to ride the rest of the trails.  This trail is all single track, with boardwalks over marshy or wet areas.  We weren't in the best of shape last spring, so we found it quite challenging.  There are roots, rocks, short steep hill climbs, and single track boardwalks that sometimes go around corners and if you're not super careful it's easy to have a back wheel slip off the boardwalk on the turn.  Ask Jeff how he knows. ;) lol.

These are the types of trails I love.  The trail is tight and twisty in places with some big trees right beside the trail (and sometimes leaning into the trail), and if you're not careful your handlebar can hook a tree and stop you dead and throw you off our bike.  Jeff has some experience in this department as well. lol.  The steep little hills here and there will test your skills in choosing the right gear before the incline starts.  My skills seriously lacked in this regard!   I often found myself hitting a hill in the wrong gear and ended up having to get off and walk it up the hill.

Along the trail there are beautiful look-off points where you can view the inlet from the Minas Basin.

Here is another view of the trail, showing some of the root sections that will test your skills in bunny hopping or popping your front wheel to ride over them.  I can pop my front wheel but just can't get the bunny hop.

Another one of the nice views of the inlet.

When you reach the furthest point of the loop, there is a great look-off of the Minas Basin.

There is a log fence and a bench at the end for you to take a rest and enjoy the scenery.  The sign warns of an actively eroding cliff.

Back to the trail.

A little further along the trail there is another look-off point.  In the foreground of the photo below you can see a sea stack, created by erosion from the powerful Bay of Fundy tides.  There are some sea stacks in Economy that have trees growing on top of them, and those ones are known as "flower pot rocks".  Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick is famous for its flower pot rocks.

Below is Jeff heading into a challenging section of trail.

Below:  Jeff with his GoPro camera mounted to his helmet.  You can see his hydration pack in this photo as well.  This is the first year I ever had one - I always used to just carry a water bottle in a holder on the bike frame.  However anyone who mountain bikes knows that one bottle of water is not nearly enough.  We bought these hydration packs online from MEC, and they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.  We filled them 3/4 with water, and 1/4 with ice.  Then a hose runs from the pack over your shoulder, so anytime you need a drink you just grab the hose and take a swig.  The packs are insulated too so you have ice cold water all day long.  There is also room to put snacks and cameras too.

We've gone a big loop and are almost back to where we started.

This was a great trail to mountain bike, with lots of challenges and beautiful scenery.  I'm looking forward to going back and exploring the other sections.  Below is a video of our day:

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  1. Great story Cindy!!
    That was a fantastic day!! I can't wait to do it again!!