Sunday, September 15, 2013

RV Maintenance - How to De-Winterize Your RV and Sanitize the Fresh Water System

In the spring when your RV comes out of winter storage, you will need to de-winterize it and sanitize your fresh water system.  Following are the steps for the procedure.

1.  Fill the fresh water tank with water.

2.  Remove the holding tank cap and put a large bucket under it to catch the antifreeze.  Open your grey tank dump valve if it has one.  Our camper is so old there is no grey water holding tank, it goes directly out of the pipe.

3.  Turn on the switch to the water pump.

4.  Turn on the taps until all the antifreeze has been cleared from the system.

5.  Turn off the power to the pump and hook up the city water.

6.  Open the bypass valve on the hot water heater.

7.  Turn on the city water and open all the taps in the RV to thoroughly flush the lines.  Don't forget the shower diverter.

8.  Flush the toilet.

9.  Check the system for leaks.

10.  Fill and drain the holding tanks (in our case, only the black tank).

11.  Lubricate dump valve handles with silicone spray.

12.  Put your black tank chemicals in.

13.  Disconnect your city water hook-up.

Now that the system is cleared of the RV antifreeze, we want to sanitize the fresh water system.  Follow these steps:

1.  Take 1/4 cup of household bleach for every 15 gallons of water that your fresh water tank holds. Mix the bleach, with water, into a 1-gallon container and pour it into the fresh water holding tank. Our fresh water tank is 20 gallons, so we would use slightly more than 1/4 cup.

2.  Fill the fresh water tank. Turn the water pump on, open all hot and cold faucets and run the water until you smell the bleach at each faucet. Close the faucets. Let it sit for at least 12 hours.

3.  Drain the entire system again and re-fill the fresh water tank with potable water. Open all of the faucets and run the water until you no longer smell any bleach. It may be necessary to repeat this process again to eliminate all signs of bleach from the water system.

4.  Go camping!

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